Ready for a Life Changing, One-Time Treatment for Women's Health?  

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Tired of being sidelined by bladder leaks? Frustrated with daily use of liners and pads? Discouraged by little to know sensation with intimacy?

There is a solution that doesn't involve medication, creams or surgery!

As women, mothers, wives, AND pelvic floor specialists by profession, we know just how common and frustrating urinary incontinence is for women.

Did you know 50% of women experience bladder leaks and 25% of college female athletes (who have never had children) have stress urinary incontinence?   It's common but it's NEVER normal!

We are on a mission to tell as many women as we can that this doesn't have to be their "new normal"!  

OptimaLiving Therapy offers Viveve, an advanced solution that is non-surgical, drug-free, pain-free, comfortable and completed in just one visit with no-down time and some pretty exciting benefits.

See this life changing, confidence boosting treatment up close and personal from the privacy of your home.   In a 15 minute presentation we'll help you understand the science behind this clinically proven treatment, share our success stories, and answer your questions.

Grab a glass of wine with us and toast to the collagen boost that's making a all the difference in Women's Intimate Health!