5 Reasons to Schedule Your Viveve Treatment Today

  • Viveve is the only One Session treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation.
  • The procedure is Quick and Comfortable and does not require downtime or activity limitations.
  • Viveve is Clinically proven to rejuvenate tissue and stimulate natural collagen production which increases responsiveness and reduces laxity.
  • You will experience better lubrication and greater sensation  in as little as 7 days.  Also proven to reduce or eliminate stress incontinence.
  • You'll join a growing community of women who have found intimate health solutions without surgery, medication or injections.
West Valley of Phoenix AZ, natural and holistic center specializing in pelvic pain solutions, occupational therapy, and weight loss.
Vaginal rejuvination using Geneveve creates vaginal tightening and vaginal lubrication

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Why Viveve is the Right Choice

  • Viveve is for women experiencing incontinence, vaginal dryness and/or pelvic floor laxity due to childbirth, age or hormonal changes.
  • Because of the patented cooling technology, Viveve can safely and comfortably deliver energy longer and reach more layers of tissue.
  • The Viveve requires only ONE 30-45 minute treatment to produce scientifically proven results compared to 3 or more sessions with Mona Lisa or ThermaVi.
  • No Downtime or recovery required - have the procedure and get right back to living your life.
  • Studies have demonstrated a 95% effectiveness rate in multiple clinical trials. 

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