When Kegels Aren't Enough. . . 

Viveve Can Help!

Clinically Proven

Gentle Single-Session

Non-Surgical Solution for Women's Intimate Health


A specially designed home fitness program and routine Kegel exercises are very important to maintain pelvic floor health. However, as we age, collagen breaks down.  Without a little “encouragement”, our body does not readily replace or restore lost collagen. As a result, even the most physically fit  person can experience a loss of elasticity, tone and vitality of  vaginal tissue.  That’s when technology can help.

Why Viveve?

  • Viveve is for women experiencing incontinence, dryness and/or pelvic floor laxity due to childbirth, age or hormonal changes.
  • Viveve is clinically proven to promote robust collagen growth and reinvigorate intimate tissues.
  • The Viveve requires only ONE 30-45 minute treatment to produce scientifically proven results. 
  • No Downtime or recovery required - have the procedure and get right back to living your life.
  • Side effects of Viveve for include:  increased muscle tone, more natural moisture, and greater pleasure during intimacy.
  • Studies have demonstrated a 95% effectiveness rate in multiple clinical trials. 

About the Viveve Process 

  • Viveve delivers radio frequency energy via a cryogenically cooled tip.
  • In response, robust neocollagensis occurs restoring tone and vitality of the tissues. 
  • Because of the patented cooling technology, Viveve can safely and comfortably deliver energy longer and reach more layers of tissue.
  • Over the next 90 days, the body continues making new collagen and symptoms of incontinence, dryness and laxity improve. 
  • In addition, the OptimaLiving Viveve treatment protocol includes biofeedback and pelvic floor therapy to promote long term results.


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The Viveve System is indicated for the treatment of laxity, intimate health, or urinary incontinence in

50 countries and use in general surgery electrocoagulation and hemostasis in the U.S.   Viveve is currently enrolled

in an IDE study with the FDA for sexual function and stress urinary incontinence.