When Kegels Aren't enough. . .

Viveve Can Help!

Nonsurgical Solutions

for Women's Health

Gentle 1-Treatment Session

No Downtime 

Clinically Proven

about Viveve

  • Viveve is for women experiencing incontinence, dryness and/or pelvic floor laxity due to childbirth, age or hormonal changes.
  • Viveve delivers radiofrequency energy via a cryogenically cooled tip.  In response, robust collagen growth is prompted and tissues are reinvigorated. 
  • Over the next 90 days, the body continues to make new collagen and symptoms of incontinence, dryness and laxity resolve. 
  • Viveve only requires ONE 45-minute treatment session to produce clinically significant results.
  • No downtime or recovery required.  Have your treatment and get back to living your life. 
  • Viveve has demonstrated a 95% effectiveness rate in multiple clinical trials. 

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The Viveve System is indicated for the treatment of laxity, intimate health, or urinary incontinence in

 50 countries and use in general surgery electrocoagulation and hemostasis in the U.S.   Viveve is currently enrolled

in an IDE study with the FDA for sexual function and stress urinary incontinence.