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For the treatment of urinary incontinence, sexual function and vaginal laxity.

A Common Problem.


50% of women experience urinary incontinence


46% of women report symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction that negatively impacts their sexual function

> 25%

More than 25% of female collegiate athletes who've never had children experience urinary incontinence

A Unique Solution

The Geneveve Treatment is for women experiencing vaginal tissue changes due to childbirth, age, hormones or pelvic floor trauma that can affect women of all ages.

The Geneveve is an internationally patented device that works by delivering radio frequency energy to the soft tissues of the vaginal wall, while at the same time, cryogenically cooling the surface area.  This allows the Geneveve to deliver uniform energy that is able to penetrate deeper than any other similar treatment modality.

Geneveve is the most advanced technology for non-invasive, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. 

Quick Facts

The only Single-Session treatment available

Safe and comfortable

Clinically proven


Long Term Results

What Our Patients Have to Say

Amazing!  No other words to describe it.  I'm a mother of two, suffering from prolapse and urine leaks when I exercise (which I had before kids).  Within a week of the treatment, my symptoms are gone! And of course, the joy of sex has returned.  And with the pelvic floor therapy I received at OptimaLiving, I've learned everything I need to know to keep my pelvic floor, organs and my vagina happy for the long term!!   

A. G. 

I have a long standing history of bladder problems - I've experienced urgency all my life.  But in my early 40's the leaking started.  OptimaLiving helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and taught me what I need to know about bladder health.  It worked!  And then my mid-40's came around - and I started to get vaginal dryness, difficulty with climax, pain after sex.  I knew this was about hormone changes and I thought my only answer was replacement therapy but I really didn't want to go down that path.  The topical cream was fine, but I never remembered to put it on.  So, it was lube up, lube down, and avoid intercourse.  The Geneveve has given me back my sex life!  I couldn't be happier (and so is my husband of 30 years!!).  I have desire, I have sensation and my body feels like it did before the (3) kids!  I am a Geneveve fan (and OptimaLiving Member) FOR LIFE!!!

L. R.

About the Technology

  • The Geneveve System is the only vaginal energy device with algorithmically controlled cooling. 
  • The Geneveve System is unique in its ability to deliver deep volumetric heat to stimulate robust neocollagenesis while protecting the surface tissue. 
  • Cryogen cooling allows the Geneveve treatment to deliver higher target temperature with sustained "time on tissue" for ideal patient outcomes in ONE session 
  • The Geneveve System stimulates the rebuilding of natural collagen at the vaginal introitus, the key area impacting sensation and satisfaction in women. 

Neocollagenesis Animation

Treatment for Sexual Function

A 30-minute in office procedure that targets the introitus, the primary region for sexual function and pleasure for women.

  • Clitoral tissue wraps around the introitus and provides conduction for arousal and orgasm.
  • Improvement in tissue integrity results in increased functionality. 

Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence

A 45-minute in office procedure that delivers radiofrequency to the introitus and deeper in the vaginal canal to support the urethra. The strengthening of the connective tissue of the vaginal canal provides benefit for overall pelvic floor health.  

OptimaLiving Therapy is the leading Pelvic & Core Outpatient Therapy Center in the West Valley.  Our  mission is to provide comprehensive, skilled and compassionate care to women who are experiencing functional and intimate limitations due to pelvic floor pain, injury or weakness. As therapists, we are committed to offering natural, non-surgical remedies.  As mother's, wives and professional working women, we are committed to renewing the strength, confidence and personal freedom every woman deserves .   


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