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Welcome to OptimaLiving 

OptimaLiving is an outpatient center located in Peoria AZ, offering pelvic floor therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. We specialize in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and orthopedic pain, injury & weakness.  We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself given the skillful support of advanced, hands-on therapeutic techniques, innovative, non-invasive modalities, and simple, yet effective exercises.  Learn more. . .

Specialty Therapy Programs

Pelvic floor experts for women located in Peoria AZ. Homeopathic, natural, drug free solutions for women's pelvic pain, sexual discomfort, vaginal prolapse, and incontinence.

Women’s Pelvic Health

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CoreStrong Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program All-natural remedies for pain, injury and weakness including joint pain, muscle tension or spasms and nerve pain.


Orthopedic Therapy

We provide all natural solutions for mens pelvic pain and incontinence

Men’s Pelvic Health

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We specialize in treating bed wetting, encopresis and daytime accidents using all natural, drug-free solutions


Pediatric Continence Program

Intimate Health for Men

Intimate Health for Women

Wellness Services & Programs

Arthritis Joint Care Program

BodyWorks Program

Healthy Mothers Wellness Program

About Us

Melissa Lee, MS, OTR/L, BCB-PMD  &  Linda Rudd, MEd, OTR/L, BCB-PMD

When Melissa and Linda set out to start their own therapy clinic, there were 3 nonnegotiables:


1) The clinic would specialize in treating people with intimate health and pelvic floor disorders.  They had the expertise and the community had a need.  People deserve access to highly qualified medical providers who offer non-invasive treatments for conditions caused by pelvic floor dysfunction.

2) The environment had to be relaxing and rejuvenating, “spa-like”,  and intentionally designed to provide personalized care and privacy. Interactions with clients would be genuine and personal.  People would feel welcome, valued and respected – like a member of our family.  OptimaLiving would be a place where people want to be, not just a place they “have” to be.

3) They would commit to providing the latest and greatest, research-based services, techniques and modalities to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition, they would seek partnerships with other like-minded health care professionals to develop a network of reliable, highly qualified providers their clients could rely on for other needs.


With this vision in mind, OptimaLiving Therapy & Pelvic Health Center was founded.  We have been going strong since 2015!  We appreciate the opportunity to serve people in our community and help our clients achieve an Optimal state of Living – through expert care, education, advocacy, and personalized service.  We look forward to serving you!